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What is Riso?
Riso is sometimes described as digital screen printing, it looks like a photocopier but works like screen printing in the sense that it creates a stencil and prints one colour at a time however unlike screen printing this is a much quicker process and we can achieve some super vibrant colours! 

How does the kit work?
Here at KIN.DER we’ve put together a DIY Riso kit that you can design at home at your leisure! 

  1. You’ll order a kit from KIN.DER (if you haven’t already!) and wait for it to arrive!
  2. Check out the snazzy contents of your kit - Give it a good read, percolate those ideas! Process those overlapping colour combos! 
  3. Then go mad with collage,  or you might like to go wild with doodles - anything goes! 
  4. Fill out the return form - We need all that info to make sure we get it back to you and not Stella who brought theirs in at the same time! 
  5. Double check you’ve filled out that return form ……. Front & back ! - We need to know which colours you want us to print your work! 
  6. Pack it all back up in the box it came in and post it back to us with the included return label to  KIN.DER.
  7. Wait a short while, we like to print all the kits in one go, usually on a friday but we might mix it up a little from time to time, but  basically it won't be long, we will be back in touch to let you know your jazzy prints are ready and will post them back out to you! 
  8. Wait for it to arrive ! Frame one, give one to your mate. Turn one into an origami masterpiece.. Send one to the zoo….. Do whatever the flip you want, they're all yours! 
  9. Come back and do a workshop cause you love it so much!
  10. Become a RISO member… (Coming Soon)


What you’ll find in your kit!
Kit Instructions & example card 

1 x A5 Paper 
1x A5 Tracing Paper
5x A5 Various Collage Patterns
1x A5 Black Paper
1x Colour Overlay chart
1x Return form 
Postage Labels (UK only)

What you’ll get back! 
20 x A4 Two colour Prints

What you’ll need...
Scissors, glue and something to draw with if you fancy that!

Psst… For best results we like to work in black & white/ greyscale and there are a variety of methods you can use to create your artwork from line drawings to collage! 

Here at KIN.DER we  offer Screen Printing & Riso workshops and also welcome one to one/group bookings for both Riso and Screen Printing workshops on request.

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We hope you enjoy the Riso Kit and we welcome any feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any questions!

Please feel free to follow us and check out our socials for inspo and tag us on Instagram with your work of art! 

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