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KIN.DER ZINE - Issue One

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Welcome to KIN.DER Issue One.

We have a special limited edition version of the zine available! There are just 50 copies and it comes housed in a screen printed and numbered outer card box with signed and numbered exclusive prints inside from Lauren Riley, Richard Knox and Tim Isherwood. All money raised from this edition goes directly to paying for printing costs. Grab a copy while you can!!

If you pick up a free edition please consider a small donation via SUPPORT KIN.DER - this can simply be added to your cart. Thanks!


So, that pilot edition of this here zine went pretty damn well it seems, and so we decided to make a bunch more! Honestly we had no idea if people would respond to it and find it worthwhile but it was something we wanted to do as a collective regard less, dipping our toes into the murky waters of self publishing, what could go wrong?!

Nothing went wrong! The love and feedback we received was so glorious and beautiful, right from that first launch night at the Partington Theatre in Glossop all those months ago. Deep and endless thanks to everyone who passed warm words in our direction, it has been more than encouraging to say the least and it means we were compelled to push forward with this thing and make more editions.

Since issue zero launched, our physical KIN.DER space at the Gasworks in Glossop has developed into something really positive and we are stoked to be working from this great space. It's better than we could have imagined when we cooked up this crazy idea sometime last year.

We are continuing to present issues and themes and art and ideas that we think are interesting and inspiring. We hope you feel the same when you are flicking through these pages. We have chosen to make the zine free in the hope of reaching as many people as possible, if you feel what we are doing here has value there is a pay what you can donation option on this page and at the KIN.DER shop. All we really want to do is cover the printing costs and if we can do this without adverts then that's a tiny victory! 

We are also open to the idea of the zine having a sponsor so if you are interested in that and you feel your values line up with ours then drop us a line. 

Finally, if you are interested in submitting work for consideration in future issues please email 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this edition...
Richard Knox - editor and artistic director

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE: Jonathan Atkinson, Tess Gee, Cordelia Howard, Michael Howard, Tim Isherwood Steven Leonard, Lauren Riley, Freya Slack, Lynne Taylor. Claire Tymon, Steven Dexter & Eve Deasy @ Local / Glossop Creates.
Cover design by Lauren Riley

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