As a creative co-operative space, we are constantly looking at new ways for KIN.DER to evolve and continue to make it an interesting and forward thinking venue that works for us and for our awesome little town.

We’ve decided to close the shop in its current form, on Friday 8th July, for a couple of months. Since opening in November, our tiny shop has been a really cool part of what we do. It has allowed us to sell work by local and regional artists & makers and has been the vibrant entrance to our co-operative space. The shop has given us a great way to engage publicly with people and has brought so many excellent folks through the door.

Lauren & Richard have been sharing the responsibility of maintaining the shop alongside running their creative practices and businesses within the studio space at KIN.DER. This has been a great experience for them both, however the effort and attention required in the shop has left them with much less time to concentrate on other work and having Saturdays free over the Summer will also be nice!

We had many ideas for the space at the time of taking on the lease, hence us wanting to reframe the collective’s ideas and ambitions, allowing our space to grow and other things to take place. First and foremost, KIN.DER is a venue where creative stuff happens and although we love the shop, we want to offer much more than just a shop!

KIN.DER is still the home of Local, Glossop Creates, Dark Peak Press, Lauren Riley Design and Richard Tymon Photography. In the near future, you can expect to see a wider range of workshops, exhibitions, more screen printing and risograph, WAN.DER’s, pop-ups & collaborations. Over the coming months, we will be adding an online shop to the KIN.DER website too!

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Much love and see you in a bit!!

KIN.DER Collective

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