KIN.DER - Zine Issue One


The pilot edition of the KIN.DER zine was launched in September last year and it went pretty damn well. So we are making more of these things!

We can announce that issue one will be released on March 17th. We've cooked up a very special limited edition of 50 copies that will be available to purchase alongside the standard free version. If you want to be the first to get your hands on the golden stuff then make sure you are signed up to our mailing list.

You'll be able pick up a copy from the KIN.DER shop (based at the Gasworks next to Aldi, in case you haven't visited yet!) and also via our new online shop. It's full of things we find interesting like art, environment, culture and current affairs and it's free so that's also pretty cool.

Stay tuned for more news!
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